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The genesis of Starlance Studios unfolded in 1995 when we cradled our first boxed copy of Command and Conquer. It was a thrilling rite of passage for our teenage selves; the RTS maps were enigmatic puzzles, tanks exploded with a satisfying boom, and airstrikes were our trump card. We hungered for more, and more we found, breathing life into custom units and scenarios on our formidable single-core Pentium Pros.

In 1998, Starlance Studios' vision stirred anew with Starcraft's release. The far reaches of the galaxy held new mysteries, and the chill of the unknown tingled our spines. The Zerg, menacing and enigmatic, haunted our battles, their terror amplified by the ominous symphony of hard hitting sound effects and music. We even crafted worlds of our own, sculpting custom maps inspired by Starship Troopers, where one could be the hero to save Diz!

Through years and countless new releases, our RTS appetite was continually sated. But time marched on, and soon the itch for fresh RTS adventures grew restless. An audacious thought emerged: Why not create our own RTS? Let's be bold. Let's be brave. Let's journey into the unknown and discover something unparalleled.

Now, we embark on a quest, and we invite you to join us. It's a path fraught with challenges and perils. Many have attempted this ascent and faltered. Some have glimpsed the summit, only to be repelled by the tempestuous guardians of success. Together, though, we possess a fighting chance. Together, we may forge a path to the summit and unveil a grand, exhilarating new experience.



Starlance Studios is located all around the world, in your home office. We are you, you are us.

Zero Space RTS
Zero Space RTS


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