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We're a team of rabid RTS fans that came together to breathe new life into a genre that was a formative part of our gaming history.

We were founded in 2022 by Marv Gouw, who joined the gaming industry as a graphics programmer and went on to build and sell a successful game studio building MMOs and strategy games for mobile platforms. PC-based RTSes were always his passion, and he's spent the last two years building a team of people who love the genre as much as he does.

We've since grown to a team of nearly 40 developers, including RTS luminaries like Scarlett, CatZ, Grant, and PiG, who all contribute significantly to ZeroSpace's development.

ZeroSpace, our first game, is currently in development. We enjoyed a very successful Kickstarter campaign and are in the Early Alpha phase, having recently run playtests for some of our backers.


Starlance Studios is located all around the world, in your home office. We are you, you are us.

We're currently setting up our applicant tracking system, but are actively hiring. Please reach out to us at to inquire about open positions.


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